Whether you are home or away on vacation, ensuring your home or business is safe can put your mind at ease. With monitoring services from ETC Florida, your space is protected 24/7 through multiple different systems. Monitoring your property means ensuring you know what is happening at any time with the touch of a button. ETC offers that ability on many different levels.

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Today, internet connection in the home or office is a necessity. ETC’s data network monitoring makes sure that you are always connected on every device.

Our specially engineered networks are designed to automatically switch you to a backup internet provider when your primary source is disrupted.

Not only do we ensure up-time, but we can also recommend solutions to protect you against cyber-attacks. ETC is constantly looking for better security solutions for your networks, and we will enhance our monitoring systems with these solutions automatically.

Our professional team will also monitor your system for errors and notify you when there is an issue that requires us to access your property. In these cases, we need to set up an appointment to fix it, but we can often resolve issues remotely without you even knowing something was wrong. Above that, we will also monitor for system updates and immediately install them to keep your system healthy and long-lasting.


Remote Security and Fire Alarm Monitoring

Having security cameras is one thing, but do you have the time to always keep an eye on them? Luckily, the expert team at ETC can do it for you, providing around-the-clock monitoring services. We can put a stop to issues quickly and can even prevent them from happening altogether, and our services go beyond camera monitoring to include any installed technology on your property. When you turn to us, you can only expect the best service.

These services also extend to fire alarms, as we can install, test, and monitor your system for increased safety.

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If you’re looking for the best monitoring solutions, ETC is ready to help. Contact our team of professionals today to ensure your home or business is safe and secure.

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