Whether it’s under-cabinet LED lighting or highlighting your favorite palm tree, our lighting designers and engineers can deliver on your every wish.

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What if you could get lights that change with the time of the day? Imagine lighting that you can change into an infinite number of colors to highlight a piece of art, create a mood for your party, enhance a view, or simply create a relaxing nook. ETC can make it happen!

Lighting Control System

Here at ETC, we design lighting systems that provide you with the perfect amount of light for any situation which are controllable with just the touch of a button. Our lighting systems can additionally provide extra security for your household, as they can turn on and off randomly to ward off intruders and make it appear like you are home. For even further security purposes, all of our lighting control systems can have a button on the keypad by the bed that turns on all exterior and interior lights, as well as a remote voice-controlled app that allows you to easily control everything when you are away.

If a break-in or fire triggers your security system, your exterior lights will flash, providing a visual reference for neighbors and emergency services. Your interior hallway lights will also turn on, illuminating the best path for your family to make a quick and safe escape.

Furthermore, these lighting systems prevent you from accidentally leaving lights on, making your home more energy-efficient than ever before while saving you time and money.

Let’s not forget the enjoyment you can get from these lights. From setting certain moods to changing colors, you’ll have a lot of flexibility with how you can illuminate your home environment.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures look great in any home or office, but wouldn’t it be great to control these just like any other modern automated light system? ETC has great news, as our team of experts can set up your space with everything you need from chandeliers and pendants to ceiling lights and lamps.

Lighting design is a crucial step that can transform any room to fit any vibe. From something simple and elegant to a colorful and modern feel, our experts can create an inspired appearance that will elevate your interior design. You won’t believe how the positioning and temperature of lights can create a completely different atmosphere.

Motorized Window Treatments

If you want a simple way to control your windows and blinds, ETC has the solution. Our team can install a motorized system that activates with the touch of a button. You can even have it set up on a timer so they will always open and close at the same time every day.

These shades will allow you to have complete control over the natural light, giving you the opportunity to precisely complement your interior lighting with the power of the sun. This addition will also lead to saving energy, as lowering the shades in the summer can cool the room, while raising them in the cooler months provides natural heat.

Circadian Lighting Solutions

Your body’s circadian rhythm is an internal process of your regular sleep and wake cycle in a 24-hour period. For many people, this is unfortunately less of a pattern as their bedtime and waking hours fluctuate daily. A cycle that is more consistent leads to better health, and the best way to introduce a pattern is by utilizing lighting. With automated lights, they can always turn on and off at the exact same time every day, providing proper balance.

It’s also been proven that bright lights can provide you with a greater sense of energy while darker and warmer lights help prepare your body for sleep. Balancing these light options can lead to both a more relaxing and energized life. ETC can design, implement, monitor, and service all your lights.

Looking to Install a Lighting System?

Don’t wait any longer to reap all the benefits of a lighting control system. Our engineers will work with you to review all your options to design one that maximizes efficiency and enhances your lifestyle. Contact us today to get started.

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