There are a few things more important than keeping your home and family safe and sound – both inside and outside. Here at ETC Florida, our security systems can guard your household against unwanted intruders and environmental factors, whether you’re currently home or states away. Our protection services don’t stop there, either. We can also guard you against cyber-attacks thanks to network security and anti-hacker firewalls.

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Keep the things and people that mean the most to you as safe as possible by turning to us for installation and monitoring.

Security+ Installation Standards

Security+ Installation Standards

When you come to us for installation services, you can only expect the best. We always adhere to security and installation standards and offer numerous options so you can find the best system for your family and home.

Our security systems can guard your home against unwanted intruders by alerting you on both your cell phone and central monitoring systems. Plus, to guarantee security from environmental factors, our systems will also automatically detect smoke, fire, water leaks, and more. But that’s not all. To grant you complete peace of mind, you can monitor your home from any location through any device that has internet access.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras

Do you want to effectively enhance your traditional home security monitoring system? Then it’s time to add surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras can be installed around your home to record activity day and night. You can watch any area in real time or replay the recorded video later to review a situation. No matter what you choose, you’re granted a full 360-degree view of your precious home 24/7.

Here at ETC, our engineers can install systems that allow you to view any area from your smartphone, tablet, television, or computer.  Our connected security networks can give you the ability to view your backyard with the mere touch of a button. Even if you are in your bedroom, you can pause your Netflix show, pull up the backyard camera on your TV screen and view the entire area to ensure that everyone is safe.

Video detection can notify you of any movement in a designated area and even turn on your exterior lights to ward off intruders. You will be in complete control of your property and be able to see anywhere at any time. From being able to unlock and lock your front door or garage for a delivery driver to communicating through a built-in speaker, you’ll always feel safe and secure.

Perimeter Monitoring

Perimeter Monitoring

Looking for a way to be immediately alerted if anyone enters your property? We can install a perimeter monitoring system that will trigger a notification whenever someone steps foot or drives onto your property. This is a terrific system that can give you enough time to notify the police before the trespasser even attempts to break into your home.

Anti-Hacker Firewalls

Cybercriminal Defense

Security these days is much more than physical threats, which is why we offer anti-hacker firewalls to protect your personal information from being stolen or taken hostage by hackers. ETC Florida is constantly looking for better security solutions for your networks, and we will enhance our monitoring systems with these solutions automatically.

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Keep your home and family or business safe by turning to the experts at ETC. We have everything you need for peace of mind. Contact us today to get started.

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