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An automated control system saves you time and energy by allowing you to effectively and easily manage your house and its lights, lawn sprinklers, heating/cooling system, entertainment systems, security, and more. When you turn to ETC, we’ll ensure your home or office is set up properly to maximize convenience and efficiency.

Control System and Hub

Each automated control system is designed and programmed to meet your family's or company’s specific needs. With the simple touch of a button, you can secure all your doors, turn off your lights, draw shades, and shut down your entertainment.

ETC Florida’s home automation systems give you full control, wherever you are. You can lock your doors and lower your shades from your device, giving you peace of mind without having to wonder if you have forgotten to do these things at home. Our systems even have the capability for you to pre-program things like the temperature to adjust to exactly your liking right when you arrive home.

Additionally, automated control systems offer you the comfort of knowing you can monitor your home via the internet whenever you’re away on vacation.

When you come to us for installation, you can expect ease of use due to the seamless connection of your devices. Everything works in unison for a convenient and enjoyable experience. Complete control of almost every device in your home or commercial space can be at your fingertips. You can even implement automatic routines for even more of a hands-off approach.

Features and Benefits Automated Control Systems Can Offer

  • Energy management
  • Independence
  • Comfort and climate control
  • Wellness monitoring and reporting

Energy Management and Independence

With an energy management system, you will have the ability to manage the energy use in your home or commercial space. This has multiple benefits, including reducing costs, improving productivity, and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

You can also take advantage of a multi-level power plan for power outage backup solutions, which can protect and back up your important devices. Level three devices, such as your network, communication, and lighting, will have priority. Level two will typically be your air conditioning and refrigerator, while level one will be less important devices and technology like wall outlets and pool equipment.

An effective energy management system requires expert setup, so it’s important to come to us for the best services and results.

Comfort and Climate Systems

Imagine the convenience of never having to worry about the temperature or humidity in your home or building. With the expert installation of an automated comfort and climate system, special sensors will be able to calculate the perfect indoor conditions that maximize comfort levels while saving you energy and money.

This is the perfect way to save energy when no one is home or in the building while staying cool and comfortable while the space is occupied.

Wellness Monitoring and Reporting

Do you have a medical condition or are simply interested in wellness monitoring? Our team at ETC can set up a system that tracks fatigue, sleep quality, heart rate, and more. We can even implement a special alert system for important notifications.

Air Quality Sensors

Thanks to these sensors, your air filtration system will automatically adjust to clean the air and remove excess levels of allergens.

Smart Lighting Technology

Your lighting setup can be programmed to be in tune with your circadian rhythm, allowing you to feel energized when you need to and relaxed when it’s time for bed.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can turn lights on when they sense movement, preventing you or others from tripping in the dark trying to find a light switch. While this technology is a great choice for safety reasons, it also brings an incredible amount of convenience to any home or office space.

Are You Interested in Getting an Automated Control System for Your Home or Business?

If you want a combination of safety and convenience, an automated control system is exactly what you need. ETC will set everything up according to your custom specifications, so you can enjoy the benefits of this technology integration. Contact our team of professionals today to get started.

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