3 Expensive Energy Habits to Ditch Right Now

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3 Expensive Energy Habits to Ditch Right Now

January 12, 2022

Today, homeowners are more conscious than ever of how they use the energy inside their homes. It could be simply by turning off the lights, air conditioner, or any appliance at the time of leaving a room or by switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs. Here are some expensive energy habits that residents and homeowners in West Palm Beach, Florida, can ditch to save extra money in their bank account every month.

Leaving Appliances On

You, as a resident, do many things every day but never realize what impact they may have on your pockets. It is normal to use the fridge round the clock, but residents can avoid opening the door needlessly. Another common habit that could be digging a hole in your pocket could be leaving the kitchen appliances like microwaves, juicers, or toasters plugged in when not in use. Even personal devices such as laptops and cellphones should be unplugged when charged.

Incorrect Use of Thermostat

Installing an easily programmable thermostat with the help of smart home installation experts can save residents a lot of money. It gives homeowners like you the power to control and run your HVAC system the way you want, no matter if you are at home or away for work. Believe us, simply adjusting the Thermostat by a few degrees can make a significant difference in your energy expenditure.

Irregular Air Filter Maintenance

Homeowners who don’t change their air filters every couple of months could be putting a lot of needless toll on their HVAC system. A well-maintained system consumes less energy while simultaneously ensuring optimal air quality at home. For even better HVAC performance, you must consider a regular maintenance plan with the help of smart home installation professionals in your area. This will lower your energy bills tremendously over time while cutting the risk of requiring costly repairs. Smart home automation installation brings many benefits, like simplifying your varied behavioral processes, like automatically turning on or off appliances and lights and activating climate control systems. But one of the most important reasons to invest in home automation installation is energy savings. Smart home automation done with the help of a reliable company like ETC drives energy savings which later translate into monetary savings. With the best-in-class smart home devices, appliances, and efficient smart home automation, you can make your home more efficient, eventually resulting in energy and monetary savings. If you have been thinking of switching to a West Palm Beach Smart Home coupled with energy efficiency benefits, the ETC smart home automation installation team can guide you. Increase your home’s energy efficiency by remotely powering systems and appliances off when not in use. Let the ETC professionals in the West Palm Beach area take care of your home automation installation needs. With over 3 decades of experience with the largest in-house service staff available 365 days, round the clock, tailored solutions, and award-winning designs, let ETC add the extra convenience to your life by transforming your home for the better.

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