4 Tips to Keep Your Home Burglary-Proof with Home Technology Installation

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4 Tips to Keep Your Home Burglary-Proof with Home Technology Installation

February 14, 2021

When you have a home built with love with countless valuables in it, you will always want to protect it from burglary. No matter your level of security expertise, we have got some intelligent tips and tricks to help you keep your home safe with home security installation, no matter if you are at home, or not.

Never Leave Your Home Looking Empty

A home that looks empty is most vulnerable to the act of burglary. Burglars never want to get caught thus they target empty-looking homes. With home technology installation you can ensure that your home looks like there is somebody inside while you are away on a vacation or so. If you are put up in an area that snows, snow-covered driveways can indicate that you are not at home. You can hire somebody to clear your driveway. With smart technology you can remotely access your home and give that person access. He can also collect any packages that you may be expecting and keep them indoors, making it look like somebody is living in the house. You can keep an eye on your home through the CCTV cameras from remote locations as well.

Automated Lighting is a House Saver

Nothing says ‘Nobody is at home’ like a dark house. But that doesn’t mean keeping the same lights turned on around the clock makes your home any safer. Instead, the same lighting patterns will make your home highly prone to burglary. With smart home technology installation, you can take care of lighting remotely and ensure there are no unnatural lighting patterns to leave an impression that somebody is at home. With the well-lit home exteriors you can seamlessly deter potential burglars out of the fear of being seen. Smart home technology installation gives you the power to control your lights from your smartphone or automate lighting of differing rooms, kitchens, etc., giving the appearance of being home.

Well Locked Homes are Safe

It’s safer to give an appearance that somebody is home, but that doesn’t mean you will leave the windows open. Stats show that more than 30% of burglars don’t break-in and enter the home from an unlocked front door. Whereas around 20% of them enter through an unlocked window. With smart home technology installation, you can double-check your doors and windows while you are in your bedroom, in the middle of the night or when you are away from home using your smartphone. Home technology installation makes it possible. It enables you to install door sensors and window sensors, which notifies you if a window or door is opened or left unlocked by mistake.Aren’t you feeling safer already? Well, we can make it even easier for you by recommending you to the best West Palm Beach Smart Home technology installation company, ETC. ETC has been helping homeowners in the West Palm Beach area keep their homes protected inside out. Be it the access controls, surveillance cameras, network security, or monitoring ETC can help you with security and a lot more.

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