7 Smart Home Technologies of Today, You Can't-Miss!

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7 Smart Home Technologies of Today, You Can't-Miss!

August 12, 2021

Smart home technology and automation have made life a lot easier for homeowners. Today, the world is brimming with smart devices, for instance, voice assistants like Alexa are one of the highly used and well-known devices if we plan to transform our home and make it smart. But it is just the tip of the iceberg as far as home tech is concerned. The technologies are changing and advancing at an unprecedented pace, showcasing the world to a lot more possibilities in terms of ease and simplification. If you plan to transform your home into a place where ease flows and relaxation follows, smart home automation is the way forward for you. Here are some top smart home tech of today that you can't miss:

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are a must-have if you are considering smart home automation. They can learn your routine and optimize heating and cooling cycles at your place, potentially saving energy significantly.

Smart Bulbs

Trust the experts, smart lighting installation can make your life lit with vibes of your choice without needing you to move a step. Smart bulbs automatically sync with your existing home networking, and you have the ability to turn them off or on, dim, or change colors according to your mood, even remotely. You can also get them integrated with other sensors with the help of smart home automation professionals or an experienced, smart lighting installation team, activating when they detect movement.

Smart Doorbells

You no longer need to step out of your room to know who is at the door. Smart doorbells can seamlessly integrate with your home security and lock systems, allowing you to see who is at the door and open it only if required. With smart doorbells, you can open the lock and let a person in when you're not home.

Smart Door Locks

You don't need to rush to your place if you have a visitor standing at your door. Smart door locks allow you remotely grant access to the home. With such profound devices, you can even set schedules and give temporary guest codes.

Security Systems

You no longer need to leave somebody back at home to take care of your belongings when you are away. Today's security systems are powered by advanced technologies that can monitor your office, and/or home around the clock for you, and raise the alarm to alert the concerned person if necessary.

Smart Fridges

Keeping track of what is left in the fridge and what needs to be bought from the market takes a huge toll. But a smart fridge can allow you to keep track of the food and stuff you have in your fridge and what needs to be refilled. It can also provide recipes, help you keep a grocery list, and easily place orders online.

Home Assistant

Like mentioned above, smart devices Alexa and Google Home, among others are in use for years now, and the demand for such devices continues to grow, as they give you the ability to control various aspects of your home with voice commands. There can be smart assistants located around your place with the advancing technologies and helping you with most of the things previously done manually.By now, you must have gotten an idea about how smart home automation or even an automated smart device can make your life a lot easier while eventually saving you a lot of money. But, before you invest in smart home automation, or smart lighting installation, ensure that you partner with a professional, smart home automation company like ETC. Connect to learn more about how ETC can make your smart home automation installation hassle-free.

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