Benefits of a Lighting Control System

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Benefits of a Lighting Control System

August 24, 2021

Lights are one of the main products we use in our homes every day and yet controlling them has evolved a lot since the invention of the light switch. Lighting control systems are networked systems of devices that allow you to control lights from a remote location or device, such as your smartphone.These systems allow you to manage every interior and exterior light in your home from the palm of your hand or from a single keypad instead of a bunch of light switches. Installing a lighting control system adds safety, convenience, and efficiency to your smart home. Here’s how:Increased efficiencyBy helping you make sure lights are off when not in use, lighting control systems save you energy and money. You can set different lighting levels for different scenarios, such as cooking, reading, or watching TV.Lighting systems allow you to control your use of light when and where you need it; light sensors can even measure the brightness of the outside light and adjust interior lights accordingly, ensuring that just the right amount of energy is used.

An Added Layer of SecurityParanoid that potential intruders will know you’re miles away and helpless to their attacks? Lighting control systems can set “vacation scenes,” turning lights on and off throughout the day or night to make it seem like someone is home.They can also automatically turn on outdoor lighting at night so there are never any dark areas, and can use motion sensor technology to show when people are near your home.Aesthetics and DesignHaving large groupings of 2 or more light switches together can take away from the design of your home and create a lot of wall clutter. With a lighting control system that is designed while your house is being built, you can replace those large banks of switches with a single elegant keypad which can control individual lights, scenes (multiple lights together), and even other devices like the volume for music in the room or channels on a local TV.

Extra convenienceLighting control systems allow you to manage all light fixtures from your device on easy-to-control apps. Both physical remote controls and smartphone apps make it easier for you to know what lights are on and off in your home. Some lighting control systems have motion sensor technology, and you can set the lights to automatically turn off when no motion is detected in a room.For an extra level of convenience, a lighting control system can connect to a whole house automation system. The system can communicate with other devices, such as smart door locks and thermostats, to automate certain processes.A lighting control system can be pre-programmed for specific events or certain scenes, such as a bedtime routine. It would involve dimming the lights, turning off televisions and speakers, adjusting the thermostat for sleeping comfort, and turning on the home alarm.

Lighting control systems should be professionally installed and personalized through a custom program which will allow you to adjust settings directly to your wants and needs. There are plenty of different types of lighting control products to choose from such as light dimmers, motion sensor lighting, and lighting timer controls.If you’re building a new home or considering converting your existing lighting to a lighting control system for the added ease and comfort it brings, we provide many options to cater to you and your home's needs. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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