ETC: Making a Theater-Like Big Screen Experience at Home

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ETC: Making a Theater-Like Big Screen Experience at Home

August 3, 2021

Family time is quality time that we spend with our loved ones. It is important and helps us connect better and create beautiful memories. We can speak & talk, watch movies, and play games. There is something magical about spending time together around the TV while sharing a good laugh, cry, or thrill together.This experience has been made better by advanced technology. Technology today can turn your spare room into a personal theater powered by a massive screen, 4K TV, or projector. You can add a good ambiance created by powerful sound systems and lightning paired with luxury seats. With a tailored home theater installation, you can take entertainment to an all-new level. Read more to see how ETC makes such experiences possible with customized home theater installation options coupled with compelling smart home designing.

Display is king

Display is the most important element of a theater. A good quality display makes the general images on a TV make an impact with realism. 4K TVs and advanced projectors offer experiences packed with fluid motion, vivid colors, and mind-blowing clarity. Be it a TV, projector, or screen system, it should have remarkable screen resolutions for the best home theater experiences. Our team of smart home designers and home theater installation professionals make sure that you have a perfect display from one end of your home theater screen to the next.

Sound is the life of a theater

Most people visit a theater to watch a movie because of the amazing sound effects and immersive experiences. The right-sounding system installation plays a key role in making any home theater; a theater of choice. Now, with a smart home theater installation, you can get a top-notch audio system with ceiling speakers, wall speakers, subwoofers, and interconnected systems to make sure that you hear everything with crystal clear clarity.We have made it happen for a lot of our clients. Our home theater installation teams consider many acoustic and aesthetic issues, all to ensure there is no ambient noise, proper bass balancing, and acoustic wall treatments.

Ambiance matters

Lighting is another key element necessary for a phenomenal home theater experience. With automated lighting installation, you can set the mood of your home theater just the way you want. For instance, with one touch of a button, you can pre-set your lighting for your next movie screening. The right set of lighting ensures that your home theater looks different from the rest of your home. Our smart lighting offerings give you the power to adjust the lights and everything else in your home theaters by pushing a button on your smart home tablet or smartphone. Not to forget, comfortable sitting infrastructure is equally important. Our smart home designs are tailored as per the needs of our customers. Our home theater installation team integrates all elements in the best way to delight our customers with unforgettable experiences.We also install movie and music management systems for our customers to give them instant access to your movie selection. So, if you want to hide your flat screen TV when you’re not using it, we can do that for you. Get started by visiting our website at

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