Four Common Misconceptions about Smart Homes

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Four Common Misconceptions about Smart Homes

November 15, 2021

Irrespective of the growing awareness and inclination towards smart home solutions, many misconceptions around smart home automation have been preventing people from moving to a ''smart home''.Here are some of the most common misconceptions that have about a smart home installation:

Smart Homes are Not Promising

Gone are the initial days of smart home commercialization, when many companies over promised and under delivered. Instead, they focused more on providing low-cost solutions, and as a result, quality took a backseat, creating a negative perception around smart homes.But, things have changed, and with rapid tech advancement, new-age smart home service providers today utilize superior technology to provide high-quality solutions that may look expensive but exceed customer expectations for a truly seamless smart home.With continuous evolution in technology, smart home solution providers will soon be able to provide a highly affordable offering that would fit every budget.

Smart Homes are Not Secure

Many people worldwide think that smart homes are not secure and can be hacked easily, resulting in malicious cyberattacks.Though in the IoT world, data privacy is an area of concern, superior smart home solutions providers like ETC work with cybersecurity experts and take extra precautions when building products to make sure that their users' private information is far away from falling into the wrong hands.Still, there are some things that consumers can consider if they are so concerned about hacking, they can install a firewall for the WiFi router, set strong passwords, and encrypt to keep their smart home devices safe.

Smart Homes are Expensive to Deploy

Contrary to a very popular belief, setting up a smart home doesn't necessarily have to be overpriced. The pricing depends on the extent of the connectivity you want in your home. There are a lot of smart home installation teams out there that offer and install smart home devices and systems that can easily cater to different budgets, home sizes, and priorities of users. Many people with misconceptions miss the fact that tech-enabled home appliances like smart ACs and refrigerators can help them save a large amount of money on monthly electricity bills by significantly cutting down the energy consumption.

Smart Homes are Only for the Tech-Savvy

No, smart homes are not just for tech-savvy people. The present-day smart home companies spend ample time on designing products, systems, and devices that are easy-to-use and can be seamlessly integrated into your house via a WiFi router. In addition, there are many AI-powered voice-activated speakers that offer support for various smart home accessories, making the setup process easier than ever.Some companies come with an in-built WiFi connection for added convenience and eliminate installing a bridge. These days if you have a smartphone, you can easily control smart devices and enjoy the convenience, comfort, and safety of a tech-powered, always-connected home.


So, we hope by now you must have got your mind cleared of the incorrect misconceptions related to smart home installation. If you are thinking of a West Palm Beach Smart Home, there are many smart home installation companies like ETC that you can consider for affordable and reliable smart home systems, devices, and solutions. To learn more, you can contact a specialist at (561) 881-8118.

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