High ROI Smart Home Renovations and Installations Homeowners Must Know

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High ROI Smart Home Renovations and Installations Homeowners Must Know

September 13, 2022

Home renovation can easily add value to your home, but not all offer a robust return on investment (ROI). Ideally, any home improvement should boost the home value or give homeowners time to enjoy the upgrades before listing their homes. Smart technology usually boosts the appeal of a home. An ROI is easier to achieve than other improvements, like the big kitchen and bathroom renovations. Smart home installation for renovation offers great convenience, improved efficiency, robust security, and desired ROI. Homeowners and buyers seek smart and modern features in their West Palm Beach smart homes. This blog will discuss the top smart home features that practically pay for themselves.

Smart Appliances in the Kitchen

Smart home installation is steadily making its way into kitchens. Traditional kitchens weren't designed to foster water or energy efficiency. Today's smart appliances offer energy-efficient home improvements as they are equipped with sensors that detect patterns and control use. As a result, homeowners can easily control how they operate individual appliances. Some of the most common smart home installation investments for kitchen use include dishwashers, ovens/ranges, refrigerators, built-in microwaves, clothes washers, clothes dryers, or other high-efficiency appliances.

Smart Thermostats Save on Energy

With traditional thermostats, homeowners had little control over their energy, but smart home installation has made great strides in energy efficiency. Smart thermostats have taken the possibilities to a great level, as they are designed to detect patterns and adjust heating and cooling use to accommodate everyday consumption by the members of a house. Additionally, homeowners can easily control these thermostats using an app on their smartphone.

Smart Security Features

Homeowners are increasingly integrating smart technology to build their West Palm Beach smart homes, well equipped to safeguard their families and homes. In addition, they are increasingly integrating smart security features into their homes, which not just boosts a home's value but are also offered a discount by insurance companies for investing in security. Some great smart home installations for high security include smart locks, cameras, and doorbells, which can be integrated and configured to record any activity around the home. With the growing popularity of smart security features, these smart devices' pricing has become affordable and continues to come down, making them exceptional in terms of ROI.

Smart LED Lighting Bulbs and Fixtures

Today, home seekers are highly interested in smart LED lighting as it is energy-efficient and offers a better lifespan than incandescent bulbs. The average LED bulb lasts many times longer than incandescent bulbs and three times longer than CFLs. In addition, smart technology-powered LED offers a high level of convenience and can help homeowners reduce the figure on the energy bill. Moreover, homeowners can seamlessly control their light usage remotely, which means they can flip their lights on and off when they are away from home for some house, days or even weeks, an amazing feature for energy efficiency and home security.

Start Saving Time and Money with Smart Home Installation and Improvements

The smart features of present-day modern devices continue to improve daily, with technology progressing rapidly. Today a lot of higher-level smart home installation options are available in the market, but you must choose a trusted, experienced, and affordable smart home installation company like ETC for your West Palm Beach Smart Home. Renovate your home to lead a comfortable life, making your surroundings more appealing while significantly improving your home's value. Reach out to the smart home installation team of ETC today.

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