How to Maximize Remote Work with Smart Home Design?

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How to Maximize Remote Work with Smart Home Design?

March 21, 2021

Since the outbreak of the novel COVID-19, the number of people working from home or remotely has grown incredibly to avoid the spread of the virus. While the world continues to tackle the deadly coronavirus and work on the authentication of the vaccinations made in such a short period of time, several companies worldwide have shifted to a long-term remote workforce, while some of them are even considering a permanent switch to working from home. According to a recent Gartner survey, 74% of companies are looking forward to shifting a minimal 5% of their workforces to permanent remote positions after the pandemic restrictions end.Though many people report increased productivity, higher job satisfaction, and engagement with the flexibility that comes with working remotely, there are others struggling to maintain a balance between all the responsibilities that come with being at home during the workday, with every family member around and other distractions or issues. This is the time when smart home designs and connected smart home systems come to the rescue for people who are working remotely. Smart home design and automated appliances can help you maximize efficiency and productivity when you are working remotely. Let’s walk through some of the instances where having a smart home design and the connected smart home system can optimize your work-from-home setup by making sure you and your appliances operate at their best. Here are some tips to maximize productivity while working from home with modern, secure technology.

Smart Monitoring & Ability to See Who’s at the Door

The smart home design gives you the convenience of keeping an eye on who’s visiting or leaving your property while you are working, which means increased peace of mind, without lost productivity. You can seamlessly use your smartphone or online portal to see other rooms or areas of your home, depending on where you’ve installed security cameras to see the live feed.

Secure Your Home

To truly engage with the tasks in hand and minimize distractions, leverage the features of your connected smart home system to ensure that your home is secure. This can provide you peace of mind, while you are busy in an online meeting. A smart home design enables you to secure the entry points of your home by just instructing your virtual assistant to arm the security system and lock the doors. A smart home design ensures that you have proper sensors across the home to alarm you in case of any unusual activity or intrusion.

Run Your Home Efficiently

Previously, you and your family used to be away from the house during the day for work or school, with all your electric appliances turned off, resulting in lower electricity bills. However, now while working remotely, the utility costs do certainly go up, since you are constantly using gas, electricity, and water. Fortunately, a connected smart home system can allow you to manage energy usage effortlessly while remaining productive at work.As you continue to work from home, consider installing a smart home design and connected smart home system to stay at peace and be able to deliver high-quality work. There are many smart home design companies out there that would love to install a connected smart home system for you, but you can’t just depend on any of them. Make sure you rely on a promising smart home automation company like ETC for best results.

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