Improve your Life with Smart Home Automation

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Improve your Life with Smart Home Automation

May 12, 2021

It is the post-pandemic world, a world that survived the challenging 2020. However, the year continues to have its impact on the people worldwide. Amid such a challenging world, it has become more important than ever for everyone to make wiser and smarter decisions. The world is transforming, so are the needs of the people with remote work still in practice largely across the world due to COVID restrictions. Who wouldn’t want to feel at ease, save time, see loved ones, and work smoothly; all while sitting in your bedroom or house? If numbers are to be believed, in 2020, more than 50% of Americans said that smart home products save them about 30 minutes per day or roughly a week and a half a year. Have you wondered what you could do if you had this extra time on your hands? This is not all, saving money is another key factor that is bringing all the attention to smart home automation. Have you ever known that just using Smart Thermostats can save you almost 20% a year on home heating and cooling costs? Isn’t that amazing. Have you wondered what you could do with those energy savings? Security and safety are crucial in this world, where burglars are more than active today owing to the crisis caused by the pandemic. Smart home installation adds security and safety value for homeowners, buyers, and renters alike. A 2020 research showed that three in five Americans claim security to be the main benefit of owning a smart home. Whereas, over 60% of prospective homeowners want to have smart locks and alarms in their next homes.

Wondering how technology can keep your loved ones safe with a smart home?

Keep your doors checked, always

A smart lock can be the most exciting feature of a smart home installation. Smart locks lock your entry/exit doors automatically every night at the time you want, notify you if any door is open, and give you the ease to access them remotely if the need arises. It's always good to take extra precautions, and there is nothing better than door sensors and doorbell cameras for additional security.

Proper Lighting is a Plus

Smart home installation keeps you and your family safe when returning late at night through smart lighting capabilities. Are you going away for some days but concerned about home safety? Don’t worry! Smart home automation allows you to set lights to turn on in the morning and at random times during the day to make it look like someone’s home and deter would-be buglers.These are just the starters of what all smart home automation can add to your life. Wondering why home automation installation is a great move for you? Let experts guide you on the value that smart home automation can add to your life. ETC is a leading smart home installation service and solutions provider that knows exactly how to help their clients do more with their time & money. When are you planning to level up in life?

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