Industry Outlook: Key Trends Likely to Shape Home Automation in 2022

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Industry Outlook: Key Trends Likely to Shape Home Automation in 2022

January 12, 2022

Your home is your go-to place, where you can both chill, relax and stay safest. The growing innovation is rapidly transforming the home automation industry. With the ever-increasing homeownership among millennials, seamless home automation installation and security systems have become the key attraction for home buyers. The home automation market is growing; owing to tailored, convenient, and innovative technologies. This blog will run you through the key trends shaping the home automation and home security business to help you understand what to expect as the industry grows.

Smarter Home

Smart home automation has been there for many years now, but with growing innovation, the industry is seeing better efficiency, increased customization, and customer control. With increasing advancements in artificial intelligence, we predict that home automation installation and security will adapt to each homeowner's needs. There are many smart thermostats currently in the market that automatically set the temperature based on the setting done by the homeowner based on his goings and comings. In 2022, we expect more personalized, intelligent home systems and smart home installation in the market, taking the living experience to an unmatched level for the homeowners.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has a special place in the lives of homeowners. With the growing advancement in home automation installation technology, smart home integration companies are likely to put a key focus on how systems can facilitate energy efficiency for homeowners.This trend will be seen in bits among homeowners. Power strips are likely to get a makeover into smart power strips in the home automation era. Home automation installation will see more smart power strips capable of determining when a person is not using a device based on motion sensors, voltage, or other means. This will save the homeowner money and allow them to monitor energy usage in real-time using an app, keeping you informed about which appliances are using the most energy so that you can make changes accordingly.

Voice Recognition

For many homeowners, voice search has already become a part of their everyday lives. In 2022, voice command will become an integral part of home automation installation. With the help of a smart home integration company, no matter what smart speaker you're using, you will be able to control your home's smart systems easily.

Facial Recognition

As the technology evolves, facial recognition is likely to become the staple in home automation installation to enhance home security. This is likely to bring a more tailored and need-centric approach to the aspects of homeownership. In the coming year, we can see the start of face identification technology replacing or complementing electric or manual home locks. Homeowners will no longer need to rely on passcode or fingerprint and can unlock the home simply by smiling at it.  Now that you know the key trends in home automation installation that you are likely to see in the coming year, the next thing you should be doing is choosing a reliable company from the wide range of smart home integration companies. ETC is one such smart home automation solutions and services provider, ensuring a modern feel and functionality for its wide range of clientele. Contact them today to get the most of home automation installation in 2022.

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