Intelligent Ways to Make Your Smart Home Secure

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Intelligent Ways to Make Your Smart Home Secure

January 16, 2023

Wireless home security and automation systems offer peace of mind, with their sensors communicating with one another wirelessly to protect them from intruders, smoke, fire, etc.

A wireless system is simpler to install and doesn't demand home modifications required in the case of wired installation. You can easily carry a wireless system if you move residences. The best part is you can easily track, control, and monitor your system using your smartphone.

However, wireless connectivity does need you to be vigilant to secure your security system. By following the industry-best smart home device security practices, homeowners can easily minimize the risk of compromise and enhance their level of protection.

Smart home devices are vulnerable to cyberattacks

Smart home devices are part of what is known as the internet of things. Thus, they work both in their traditional functions and being interconnected mini-computers that connect to the internet since they collect data via sensors, which makes them vulnerable to hacking.

Start with a Wi-Fi router to keep your smart home safe

The Wi-Fi router of a home network acts as a traffic cop. It controls and verifies the information going in and out of the home as much as possible. But this can be a weak link as well. Once a virtual intruder compromises the routers, he can access the home security and automation systems, devices and personal information and harm.

Many routers have built-in protections, but sometimes there are some gaps. Some of them don't update the firmware automatically with the latest security patches; allow default or weak passwords; and allow many failed login attempts, all of which put the router at risk of breach.

Top ways to make your Wi-Fi network more secure

Homeowners can take some basic precautions to secure their routers. These would need you to access router settings, which might include typing an IP address in a web browser or working via an app on their smartphone, which depends on the manufacturer. Some of the main router fail-safes include consistently changing your passwords, making them difficult and unique, following the best security standard, keeping the firmware updated all the time, disabling access and settings, hiding your network, enabling a separate network, and turning off the wireless network when you're away.

Keep your smartphone safe when you are not at home

If you use your phone to control and monitor smart home security and automation systems and devices remotely, you must take precautions, like avoiding using a free public Wi-Fi system, which puts the phone at a high risk of being hacked. You can instead stick to your mobile data service or rely on a trusted network only.

Watch who's watching the video camera

Wireless home IP cameras can be hacked easily. Since they are a part of home security installation, and security and automation systems, they can let an intruder spy on you and give them access to the alarm system.

Homeowners must invest in trusted home security installation companies to get a state-of-the-art video camera with the latest security precautions, including strong password enforcement, service-wide encryption, and login failure lockout. The smart home security and automation systems offered by ETC come with advanced security features, like encryption and password protection.

Choose a leader in home security installation for the best results

The ETC's home security installation professionals ensure that the security system provides homeowners with the best protection possible with industry-leading smart home technology, well-known for its built-in safety features.

When you choose ETC Palm Beach for home security installation, the options to find the best system for your family and home are vast. Reach out to the ETC team today for the best home security and automation systems.

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