Key Considerations for Smart Home Design

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Key Considerations for Smart Home Design

August 12, 2021

If it’s you who will be designing the home, or you are planning to get your home transformed by a smart home designer, there are some key considerations that you must keep in mind. A smart home designer must look at as many details as possible, closely, to ensure that the design meets the homeowner’s needs. Smart home technology demands proper design considerations as it can impact the construction of the home. So, the best way is to rely on a smart home design professional. A smart home design expert can ensure that your smart home technology blends perfectly with your place, reducing the chances of needing any rework, which may cost you a lot. Here are some things that a smart home design professional should consider:  

What’s Desired and Not

An experienced smart home designer will ask you about your requirements in detail and how much smart technology you need in your place. An expert takes care of the ease that it provides to the homeowner in terms of controlling different smart devices, ensuring they have all the comfort, security, and entertainment they seek. An expert will plan to accommodate your future desires and design your home intelligently to ensure that it can be scaled later, without impacting other aspects of your place.

Lighting Control

An experienced smart home installation professional will come up with a custom approach at the time of integrating lighting control. Next, professionals are very careful at the time of placing keypads and switches, and where to place them for a single room. No matter if the homeowner demands full control of everything, a professional keeps a scope of smart physical control possibilities. Also, an integration professional selects the wiring that enables lighting control from multiple vendors.

Audio and Video

In some situations, a strong wireless network can accommodate audio and video distribution. But for the best experience, professionals choose to extend the wiring to every room, to keep the entertainment options open. To bring high resolutions video and audio to multiple rooms without skips demands high bandwidth, which makes a wired system viable. A professional smart home designer will strategically decide where to position outlets for equipment and consider the key viewing positions, acoustics, room layouts, and aesthetic aspects among others.


When it comes to security monitoring needs, every homeowner has different expectations and requirements. Security monitoring possibilities are manifold. A good home designer will cover all the scenarios, before deciding power and wiring requirements, and finalizing the equipment required for unique aesthetics or features.

Thermostat Considerations

It is easy to integrate smart thermostats, but you need the help of a professional smart home designer to mount them as a design consideration. A smart home designer will consider different factors before finalizing the placement of additional sensors. An expert decides the placement of the control thermostats and sensors depending on the HVAC installation. They usually place it in zones that can work well to balance function, convenience, – and aesthetics. So, if you are considering a smart home design or smart home installation layout for your home, it is recommended to consult a professional to ensure your home stays smart for many years. You can find many smart home design companies but choose the one that is experienced and trusted in the industry, such as ETC. Whether it’s working with an architect, builder, or interior designer, ETC experts collaborate with them to ensure that the design aesthetic stays true throughout the solution implementation. To learn more about how the ETC team can fulfill your smart home design requirement. Contact Us.

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