Key tips for home security installation that every homeowner must know

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Key tips for home security installation that every homeowner must know

November 21, 2022

Advancing consumer technology has made burglar alarm system installation easier than ever. But that doesn't make homes more secure than before unless the home security installation is done correctly. To achieve expected results, it is essential to have a smart home design, or else the investment can result in wasted time and money. In this blog, we will discuss the topmost important points that homeowners must consider during personal home security installation.

Ensure that all the entry and exit points of the home are covered

This is the most critical tip every homeowner must know before trying a hand at home security installation and investing in a new alarm or anti-theft system. Ensure that you have a secure ground floor because there are high chances of burglaries occurring through the ground floor. You must invest in sufficient sensors to cover every door and window present on your ground floor. Additionally, as a part of best home security installation practices, ensure that you have placed your alarm box outside of the house where it is easily seen and heard. As a result, first if the alarm goes off, everyone can easily listen to it. Secondly, the potential burglar will know that the home has an anti-theft system home security installation. Finally, keeping it in a tamper-proof box ensures that the alarm triggers automatically if anybody tries messing with the system.

Position PIR sensors and motion detectors smartly

PIR sensors are infrared sensors that can detect heat signatures and must always be placed so they can easily monitor a crucial part of the house. For example, if you want to monitor your home's entrance, ensure that the sensors are positioned so that they don't set off the alarm if an individual is walking across the street. In the case of indoor placement, choose corner of a room or a hallway.

Install cameras that work best in all kinds of light

As a part of home security installation, if you want your home security system to have sensors and cameras to monitor theft activity, choose a camera capable of working equally well day and night. Position the cameras so they cover all the important places and access points of your home.

Give the impression that somebody's always in the home with a strategic alarm setup

One of the critical ways to deter most burglars is by making them think that the house is not vacant, even when it is empty. For example, feed a clever message on the answering machine on the door like 'Please hold on, we can't get to the door right away' instead of 'Sorry, nobody's home’. Smart home design and strategy are vital in ensuring your home is safe. Also, install a motion detector-light combo on the entry points so that the moment somebody walks up to it, the light turns on.

Seek help from smart home design experts when required

When you follow the tips mentioned above for home security installation, there are negligible chances of false alarms, and intruders will have little chance of breaking into your home. Since smart home design technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, you should consider consulting a smart home automation company like ETC to streamline home security installation. You can reach out to the ETC team today for next-gen smart home designing services and home security installation. Protect your home inside and out with the help of experts.

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