Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Planning A Home Theater

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Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Planning A Home Theater

December 12, 2022

Home theater systems are complicated to set up as they include diverse elements. Smart home theater installation comes with experience as it demands a clear understanding of various components' technicalities and how they can be set up or combined the right way.

Home theater installation is not as easy as a plug-and-play setup. It comprises woofers, speakers, AVR, sub-woofers, rear speakers, cables, surge protectors, etc. This is the key reason that makes smart home theater installation so difficult for homeowners, who end up making many mistakes during the setup. This blog will run you through the most common mistakes homeowners must avoid to enjoy the system's full potential.

Don't overlook AVRs

Most people invest heavily in good-quality speakers. They overlook spending logically on a powerful AVR, which is, in fact, the heart of a home theater installation process. The budget for buying AVRs must be 1.5 times your speakers. In case you are planning to invest in a home theater or look forward to home theater installation, remember not to compromise on AVR quality. You can thank us later.

Placement of speakers

The incorrect placement of speakers is another mistake made by most people. Sound effects can make or break your theater experience; thus, it must be perfect. To experience the best sound, you must be in the home theater's center. Many homeowners usually set up the sitting placement on the adjacent wall of the screen instead of keeping it on the opposite side, which ruins the surround sound. The placement of the speakers plays a very important role in providing that amazing theater experience in your room.

Pick the right room

The home theater experience depends on the kind of room that you choose for its setup. Choose a room with minimal or no windows or openings to avoid acoustic disaster. There should be no outside noise or natural light. The objective behind having such kind of setup is to get the perfect base for huge impactful scenes. When you consult an experienced home theater installation company, they take care of all potential factors that may impact your cinema experience.

Choose the correct screen size

Some people think that all you need is a huge screen in the room to have a great cinematic experience, but that's not the case. The screen size should cover the field of vision completely. It should not be too big or too small. When you have a screen that covers your field of vision, it helps you immerse in the movies you watch, resulting in an incredible experience.

Why choose smart home automation company ETC for home theater installation?

Hiring a smart home automation company is the best way to avoid any mistakes in home theater installation. A dedicated home theater demands the professional touch and expertise of a team that can help you build a home theater customized to meet your expectations. Many smart home automation companies claim to be the best in the market, but you must choose a reliable and experienced company.

Choose a trusted home automation company like ETC, with different design and engineering teams considering all the possible acoustic and aesthetic issues to deliver the best possible home theater system performance and enhance the cinematic experience. ETC's home theater installation team also offers automation options designed to simplify homeowners' lives and ensure they spend more time with their families.

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