Simplify your Home Security Monitoring with the Help of the Best Smart Home Devices

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Simplify your Home Security Monitoring with the Help of the Best Smart Home Devices

April 7, 2022

The world is transforming at a rapid pace with smart home installation promising a futuristic home experience where everything homeowners want is just a command away, even when you’re not at home. The advanced technology allows homeowners to easily optimize their home security monitoring with different smart devices, which can be easily incorporated into home security systems. This blog will walk you through the different kinds of home automation devices that can work seamlessly with your home security system, making home security monitoring more effortless than ever. Some of the key home automation devices are:

Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbell cameras are among the most adopted and security-focused components of a smart security system. This smart device has a small camera in the doorbell button.Whenever a visitor on your door rings the bell or approaches near it, the smart doorbell sends an alert to your phone while activating the camera simultaneously. A smart doorbell allows you to see a clear picture of the visitor at your door, no matter where you are.

Smart Lock

A smart lock is another excellent smart home installation element that can optimize your home security while adding a lot of comfort to your life. It can communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, enabling you to lock and unlock your door from wherever you are. Some smart locks even automatically lock and unlock when they detect your smartphone approaching, allowing you to come and go without worrying if your door is locked or your home is secure.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras incorporate Wi-Fi connections and can be viewed and controlled remotely using a smartphone app. Some smart cameras also allow you to upload the recorded footage to the Cloud for storage, freeing you from the need for any sort of complicated on-site storage setup.

Smart Thermostats

Some smart home installation solutions providers also offer smart thermostats as a part of the smart home security systems. Smart thermostats are handy and help you save energy. Like other smart home automation devices, they connect to a home Wi-Fi network and can be easily controlled using an associated app on your smartphone.The best part is these smart thermostats can learn your climate preferences and even the times of the day when you are at home or away. They also notify you if your home's temperature shoots or becomes extremely low, indicating a fire or a pipe freezing risk.

Smart Lights

Smart lighting is another powerful solution you can adopt for seamless home security monitoring. These are Wi-Fi-enabled LED light bulbs you can control via a smartphone app. Smart lighting allows you to turn off or on the lights and bulbs of your home and even schedule the same at a click of a button. In addition, from an aesthetic point of view, you can dim the lighting and choose the color of your bulb from a wide range of hues. Lastly, you no longer need to worry if you left the home lighting on before heading out of the home.

Smart Smoke Alarms

A smart smoke alarm helps homeowners improve their home security monitoring by alerting you on your smartphone in case of any smoke or gas leak at home. This smart device also works on Wi-Fi connectivity and communicates precisely where a fire is in your home.If you want to improve your home security monitoring while adding significant convenience to your home, you can reach out to trusted and reliable smart home installation solutions and services providers like ETC. ETC has been enabling clients to enhance their home security monitoring with the best-in-class smart home devices. Reach out to their team today.

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