Smart Home Automation Hacks for When You’re Away on Vacation

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Smart Home Automation Hacks for When You’re Away on Vacation

January 9, 2022

Did I lock the front door? How is the dog sitter going to get in? Does the house look abandoned? These are all common thoughts of homeowners while on vacation. Nagging questions that can’t be answered remotely take away from the enjoyment and relaxation of a getaway; however, modern technology offers a solution to the worries and more: smart home automation.But what is smart home automation? This technology takes common safety protocols like cameras, doors, and light timers and connects them to smartphones. Smart security is a subset of this automation and upgrades any security system to give remote access. This enables remote control of safety features, video streaming to check on the house, and much more.Benefits of smart home automation:

  • Video surveillance streaming
  • Remote control of locks and lights
  • Increased security
  • Peace of mind on vacation

Here are the must-have smart home automations for vacation and everyday life.

Smart Security Cameras

Smart security cameras function like traditional security cameras. They record videos and allow you access to surveillance of your house. That said, they have upgraded capabilities on top of this functionality. Smart cameras connect to phones and computers, enabling remote viewing of camera footage. Many smart security cameras also offer options like motion alerts and automated recording options. A notification can be sent to connected smartphones when there is motion in a designated area. Cameras can also automatically record snippets of video when triggered by motion.Overall, security camera streaming to a smartphone is incredibly convenient. This automation option makes it easy to check on the house while away, watch for packages, and get alerts to unexpected motions. Every homeowner should consider a smart camera system for vacation.

Smart Door Locks

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Concept of internet of things integrated in a smart home. Hand holds mobile phone with an app that controls the washing machine and tumble dryer. Could pass as both a home and also a laundromat.[/caption]A smart door lock is exactly what it sounds like: a lock that has connectivity options to a smartphone. Generally, these locks can be manually unlocked with a key, opened with a code, or unlocked remotely from a smartphone. While versatility is a great benefit of a smart lock, the main benefit for vacation is the ability to check that the house is secure. Peace of mind is necessary to have a relaxing vacation, and smart locks remove the nagging worry that someone left the door unlocked.Smart door locks also allow homeowners to unlock the door for service providers while they are away. Pet sitters, house cleaners, and plant waterers can gain access to the home easily without a key.

Smart Plugs

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Woman Controlling Smart Plug Using App On Mobile Phone[/caption]Timed lights are not a new trend in the home; however, lights attached to smart plugs allow for better, more individualized automation. With a smart plug, a light can be turned on at selected times of the day to give the appearance that someone is home without leaving it on. This saves money on electricity costs. It is also possible to control these lights from a smartphone, further randomizing the lights.Smart plugs give homeowners peace of mind while on vacation, creating a more effective illusion that the house is occupied and allowing complete remote control of the home.

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