Tips to Protect your Smart Home from Hackers

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Tips to Protect your Smart Home from Hackers

October 12, 2021

Smart home setups, and smart home integrations devices have undoubtedly made our lives a lot easier and comfortable. But all that comes with perks can have their share of risks too. Smart devices are networked computers and connect with the locks, shades, televisions, refrigerators, light bulbs, and cameras. All of them continuously collect data from embedded sensors, which make them prone to malicious actors who could gain access to your home network through your smart device.In simple words, smart connected devices can be hacked easily if not appropriately integrated due to homeowners' lack of proper knowledge.Here are some of the smartest devices which when not installed or integrated by experts or professionals, can put the safety of your home at stake.

Most vulnerable smart devices

Most of the outdoor smart devices with embedded computers lack security protocols, making them highly prone to attacks. Hackers driving down the street with a Wi-Fi transmitter can easily hack wireless doorbells, smart sprinklers, and garage door openers.


Some inside the home devices like baby monitors, security cameras, smart bulbs, and smart home thermostats, among others that can be controlled through an app, can be targeted by hackers if tried harder. These smart devices generally rely on weak security tokens. They can be hacked due to loopholes in communication protocols used or vulnerable entry points left open by the vendor at the time of maintenance.

Less likely to be attacked

Some home appliances such as ovens and smart refrigerators are less likely to be attacked, but they can be too, in case of a poor, smart home setup.

Hack proof your devices in easy steps

Many homeowners don't want to undergo the hassle of advanced electronics configurations. Here are some easy-to-follow tech tips that they can save homeowners from the unnecessary mess:

Get secured Wi-Fi & take your passwords seriously

It is highly recommended that you purchase a router from a reliable brand. You must follow the instructions given by the manufacturer and change the name of the network and default password immediately. Or you may end up making your device prone to hackers, who can easily access the password to your Wi-Fi router or security camera using Google. Ensure that you use a solid, hard-to-guess password with letters, numbers, and several characters on all your internet-based devices.

Keep your new devices registered with the manufacturer and updated

The next important thing that you must keep in mind is a device or product registration. Ensure that your device is well registered and at the same time you are updating it from time to time to address newfound security concerns and bugs. Even when the software updates show up or the need for downloading associated apps arises, be cognizant of the permissions you're granting.

Take professional help in smart home setup

If you are one of those homeowners whose heads spin with the tips mentioned so far, you should consider professional help. Many smart home setup and smart home installation companies provide top-notch installation with great built-in smart home integration. Remember that professional technicians have hands-on experience in handling any necessary hardwiring and can answer all your questions regarding advanced security measures quickly.ETC is one of such smart home solutions and service providers in the Palm Beach area, Florida. ETC has a team of certified experts who have been automating and integrating technology into even the most complex smart home setups quickly over the last three decades.

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