Top 5 Home Theater Trends for 2022

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Top 5 Home Theater Trends for 2022

March 14, 2022

The lifestyles have changed over the last years due to the covid pandemic, making way for the new normal way of living. Today, most of the cinema theaters have reopened globally, but not many people are comfortable spending 3 hours with a lot of people in an enclosed space. This has led to increased adoption of home theater installation, with people choosing to watch movies from the comfort of their place without worrying about any health havoc.You can stream movies on your handheld devices, but the theater is still the go-to place for an ultimate viewing experience. Therefore, people are investing in home theater installations. If you are planning to invest in home theater installation for your West Palm Beach Smart Home, here are the top 5 trends that you should keep in mind in 2022.

Comfort is desired more than ever

Most of us think of a home theater as a mini-theater-like space complete with stadium seating. Some people still enjoy such a space, but the trends are evolving, and people are investing more in comfortable recliners or loungers to relax while binge-watching their favorite shows.

A multi-use room

Today many homeowners want to invest in home theaters, but they find it difficult to allocate an entire room to theater. This has resulted into a growing demand for modern home theaters, which allows homeowners to have a multi-use room where their whole family can sit together and have quality time. Home theater is now becoming the heart of the family by enabling people to watch movies, stream shows, or simply do gaming while sitting at their favorite place.


Screens make one of the most common elements of a home theater. A good quality and a high-resolution screen is a must whether you are investing in a home theater for watching a movie, series, gaming, or streaming. The screen is truly the key focus area of home theaters. It can make or break the look and feel of your home theater. The market is expanding with many good quality screen options for home theaters, which makes it one of the key trends that will stay longer than you think.

High-speed internet

Today most people choose various OTT services available in the market to fulfill their entertainment needs. For feasible home theater installation, you need a good and reliable high-speed internet connection.


Music and sound fanatic homeowners usually have multiple speakers scattered across the room. But this isn’t viable anymore. Sleek soundbars are now increasingly becoming a common name in the home theater of this age. Today, homeowners can enjoy an elevated auditory experience with fewer wires and no clutter.Now that you know the key trends you must consider when investing in home theater installation for your West Palm Beach Smart Home, the next sensible step would be to reach out to a reliable home automation company like ETC. The team of experts at ETC is responsible for ensuring the home theater system’s proper design and installation, and they oversee the 24/7 technical support for their clients.

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