Top Four Reasons Which Make Switching to Motorized Blinds a Smart Investment

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Top Four Reasons Which Make Switching to Motorized Blinds a Smart Investment

November 15, 2021

Window coverings make an essential component of a home’s design. But for many of us, window shades are way too complex to manage, and we end up wasting a lot of time running around the house to adjust shades properly.You must upgrade to connect home products, a device or solution that offers good lights, privacy, and temperature control. Motorized blinds are seamless and can be controlled using a smart device such as a remote or your Smartphone.Here are the top three reasons why you must switch to motorized shades:

Save energy  

Motorized shades are designed to shield your home and regulate indoor temperature. During the summers, when it gets too hot with temperatures rising uncontrollably, close the shades to keep your home cooler. When it gets cold during the winders, leave the shades open to keep the home warm naturally. With connected home products, you can use a remote or a Smartphone to automatically close the blinds when the sun sets in the winter to prevent the heat from escaping through the windows. Such conscious investments can reduce your reliance on the HVAC system and result in big energy and money savings over time.

Control natural light

Florida gets natural light in abundance, and with motorized shades, you can precisely control the amount of sunlight entering each room easily. When you have connected home products, your motorized shades can easily integrate, and you can automate them to open or close based on the position of the sun, sunrise/sunset, or the time of day. Besides, you get a chance to pick from myriad shade options with various levels of transparency, ranging from blackout shades to the sheer shades that filter in soft light, among others.

Easily accessible shades

One of the main reasons to invest in motorized shades is the ability to access and control them from wherever you are, just in a matter of clicks. You can check the status of your motorized shades and open or close them just by checking your Smartphone from afar.  

Shades with variety of shapes and sizes

When you invest in motorized shades, you get to choose from a wide range of shades and blinds that you would not find in the case of standard options in the market. At ETC, we help our customers find the right set of motorized shades for windows with unique and aesthetic shapes, such as pentagon, triangle, trapezoid, round, and cathedral-shaped windows. We offer an extensive range of modern connected home products with different colors, sizes, fabrics and even deliver custom-made motorized blinds to cater to the needs of our customers and ensure that they enjoy partnering with us.So, save yourself the hassle of messing with complicated shades and blinds by switching to modernized solutions with the help of experts at ETC. Experts at ETC install new shades and blinds for their customers and guide them well on how to control them using a Smartphone app or a handheld remote.

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