Top Home Automation Ideas for 2022

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Top Home Automation Ideas for 2022

February 12, 2022

With the rise in smart home devices on the market, home automation is no longer a far-away dream. The market is brimming with smart automation devices, but not many homeowners have jumped on the bandwagon and enhanced the level of comfort in their homes. It’s time for you to adopt smart home automation and start living like a resident of this digital age. In addition to the traditional home automation solutions like programmed security systems, etc., leading companies and manufacturers have started following innovative ways to integrate smart devices in often-missed spaces like the laundry, basement, home office and even bathroom. This blog will walk you through the most unusual smart home automation solutions for the home in 2022.

Think about automating the laundry space

Try something unusual this year by adopting laundry automation and making your home more connected than ever. If you are considering a West Palm Beach smart home automation, you must choose an experienced company like ETC to make the automation and make your laundry exciting and faster. Smart home automation systems can help you control your laundry washing and drying processes from the comfort of your bedroom. Additionally, automating your laundry room’s power supply system can save you a lot of energy and money.

Imagine basement automation

Homeowners generally underestimate the potential of basements. But, with automated control systems, they can transform basements into an interactive space for entertainment. ETC is one of the leading smart home automation installation companies helping clients transform their basements into best-in-class home theaters or gyms with automated lighting, temperature control, voice-controlled music systems and even automated showers. The possibilities are limitless with the advanced technology available in the market, but to make the best of it, you need the assistance of experts.

Home-turned office                

The living and work dynamics have changed in the last two years due to COVID-19. This global pandemic forced the world to shift to remote work for a certain period; people faced challenges in creating a good workplace in a home environment. With smart home automation, homeowners working from home can have all the necessary accessories on hand in their room-turned home office and work for hours without getting tired.Smart home automation can make your room the perfect office you will ever get, with all the controls of the lighting, window shades, and locking system in your hand. You no longer need to excuse yourself from a virtual meeting while working from home to check if you locked the main door or left the light of the other room on.  By now, you can understand the multiple benefits of home automation and transform your home with advanced technology into a highly comfy place to live in peace while making it more functional, using the devices and appliances that you can control from anywhere at a click of a button. So, connect with the ETC home automation installation experts for West Palm Beach smart home automation. They will guide you with the best options in the market and offer you customized automation systems that work perfectly for your abode.

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