Top Ways Smart Lighting Installation can Add Value to Your Home

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Top Ways Smart Lighting Installation can Add Value to Your Home

May 8, 2022

Everybody knows that technology has changed every aspect of our lives. Technology has even shaped the home, making affordable home automation a trend for many years now. Smart houses are automated houses leveraging IoT sensors and devices to control how different parts and devices of our home, like lights, locks, etc., work. One of the key areas that technology is shaping for homeowners is lighting. Smart lighting is revolutionizing how homeowners can control lighting, save energy, and enhance home security with a click of buttons and even some voice commands and home connectivity. In recent years, smart lighting installation has emerged as one of the key energy-saving strategies for homeowners.To some, smart lighting installation might look like a superficial upgrade, with flipping a switch not that tough a task. But, if you look deeper, there is a breadth of benefits that smart lighting systems offer, you can't realize until you enjoy them. For the homeowners who haven't had the chance to experience the perks of smart lighting, we have mentioned some key reasons that would make you want to never stay in a house that lacks smart lighting installation.


The smart light installation allows homeowners to illuminate their entire home simultaneously. You can easily save a lot of time by controlling the lighting of all your rooms at a click of a button, instead of visiting every room to switch on/off light. On top of that, you can easily ensure all the lights are off when you are going to bed. In addition, you can schedule lights to be on at specific times of the day and night, making sure you don't have to bother yourself to light up your home when it gets dark.

Save Energy, Save Money

In case you still have traditional incandescent lighting at your place and are looking for some options to improve the lighting in your home and increase the home energy efficiency, smart lighting installation is designed for you. On top of that, by automating and remotely controlling which light bulbs are on, you can make use of the lights that are on only as and when they are needed the most, saving you a lot of bucks by saving energy.

Sync the Lights with Entertainment

Smart lighting installation provides you with one of the unique features to sync lighting with entertainment. By syncing with the colors appearing in your tv or theater system, you can set up smart lighting for your bedroom, hall, etc., to mirror the dominant colors seen in the room. This feature can instantly change your place's look and feel and create a soothing and peaceful ambiance for you and your family.

Optimize Your Home Security

With smart lighting installation, you can make your home more secure. Firstly, you can remotely take care of your home lighting with this smart home automation installation. Secondly, you can auto-set the home's lighting so that even when you are away, the potential intruders will never be able to make out. The smart sensors will randomly and routinely cycle your home lighting so that the potential observers always get to assume that somebody is present in the home.With some smart lighting installation options, you can even set your lights to activate in case of motion triggers. It is an amazing feature for outdoor and parking lighting as it can help you deter anyone trying to intrude your place from the back door.

Thinking about upgrading your home lighting?

So, if these benefits of home lighting installation excite you, and you are considering upgrading your home lighting, start looking for reliable, affordable home automation solutions and services providers like ETC. The smart lighting installation experts at ETC are well trained to understand different requirements and provide the best-suitable solutions powered by the latest technology. They have been helping homeowners upgrade their homes smartly without causing any major disruption to their home life. So, reach out to the smart lighting installation team today.

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