Want to Go Green? Smart Home Design is the Way for You!

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Want to Go Green? Smart Home Design is the Way for You!

June 17, 2021

Smart home technology has not only made life comfortable but also introduced the world to multiple ways of making eco-friendly choices daily. If you are wondering how a smart home can help you have an environmentally conscious lifestyle, this article is just for you. Let me walk you through some of the keyways to make your home smart and green at the same time.

Controlled Temperature

Smart thermostats empower you to minimize your carbon footprint. With smart thermostats, you can seamlessly regulate the temperature in your place using your mobile device. It allows you to control the temperature of your home or room even if you are away. With the smart home design, you can be sure that if you have left the door open by mistake, a smart thermostat will instantly shut off the air conditioning or heat automatically. Consult a connected smart home team for your smart thermostat installation, and it will in no time learn your temperature preferences, making it easier for you to maximize energy efficiency.

Smart Lighting

Get a connected smart home system and it will upgrade your lightbulbs to smart LEDs powered with intelligent features to make it easier for you to save energy and keep the house safe. Smart home designs plan your lighting in a way that you can seamlessly adjust indoor and outdoor lighting remotely via your smartphone from anywhere, at any time. The intelligent scheduling features allow you to turn lights and bulbs on and off at certain times of the day, such as turning entryway lights on when you arrive home from work or when it's dark. With a connected smart home system, you can even program smart home lighting solutions to notify you when the light is mistakenly left on. Turn lights off from anywhere and minimize energy waste.

Window Treatments

Smart window treatment systems can seamlessly reduce your home’s HVAC energy consumption by keeping your place cool during the summer and warm when it is freezing outside. With the smart home design, you can program window blinds or shades to close during the hottest part of the day, whereas if you want to keep your indoors warm without running the heater, you can program the shades to open during that part of the day.


A smart irrigation system can help save thousands of gallons of water and a lot of money every year. A professional connected smart home system installation professionals offer smart irrigation systems easily customizable to any size yard and allow you to monitor and adjust the system from any Internet-connected device. A smart irrigation system installed at your place can conserve the earth’s precious water resource by checking the weather forecast for you, and automatically adjust the irrigation schedule when rain is detected. Isn’t that amazing. So, technology can undoubtedly transform your home into an environment-friendly place. There are many professional connected smart home system installation services providers out there, but ensure that you invest in a proficient provider like ETC. ETC has been installing energy management systems tailored to meet the varying client needs.

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