What is an HTA Certified Company & Top Reasons to Partner with a Certified Smart Home Company

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What is an HTA Certified Company & Top Reasons to Partner with a Certified Smart Home Company

June 15, 2022

The Home Technology Association is a neutral third party that lays the standard high for smart home companies. The HTA-certified companies empower the customers of smart home technology by making sure that they work with the best-in-class smart home company.

Criteria Followed by HTA Certified Companies

The HTA certified companies are reliable smart home automation installation, implementation, and integration service providers. The HTA certified companies have an ownership and management team with 3+ years of successful business performance, a good reputation in the marketplace, demonstrated history of technical competence and offering top-notch aftercare service. Such smart home automation installation and solution integration companies don’t have any significant litigation history, have never filed bankruptcy in the last 5 years, and have a team of professionals with an authentic background. These smart home designing companies provide a copy of control system programming code to clients, deliver high-performance enterprise-grade computer networks, and demonstrate a high-quality home automation experience.

Top Reasons to Choose HTA-Certified Smart Home Automation Company

Choosing an HTA certified smart home automation company for all kinds of smart home designing and modernization needs, can save you a lot of money while ensuring that you get the best smart home technology solutions and products installed and integrated in your home.

Work with the Best Home Technology Professionals

It is very important to ensure that you are working with the very best when it comes to smart home design, renovation, or transformation. An HTC certified home automation company is worth your investment. They ensure that you get a customized job well done from start to finish and ongoing post solution implementation support. HTA certification is a testimony of that company being a team of reputable and qualified technology professionals in the region. Integrating devices is important in today’s technology-driven world, but it can be extremely overwhelming. With the help of a company like ETC, you get the best customer service and can easily rely on their smart home technology experts, who will be at your disposal in an easy way for you to understand. An HTA-certified smart home technology installer like ETC has top-tier expertise, and they provide relentless service and support.

Your Home is in Safe Hands

It is vital to be cautious when revamping or modernizing your home. When you choose an HTA certified smart home company for smart home solutions and integration, you can stay assured of the best services. A certified company does background checks for employees, ensuring that you are letting a reliable team into your home. The team of professionals at ETC ensures that the smart home installation and integration are done right the first time. Being an HTA certified smart home company, the professional company knows how to manage the installation and integration process from start to finish.

Transform your home into a smart home with ETC

Take your home to the next level with the best-in-class smart home technology products and solutions. Partner with ETC for smart home theater solutions, network solutions, control systems, energy solutions, security, video, and audio solutions. At ETC, we are extremely proud to be certified as a renowned smart home company by the Home Technology Association (HTA). Our team of seasoned professionals can take you from design and installation to ongoing quality maintenance of all your smart home technology. Connect with us today to learn how we can help you with smart home installation and integration.

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