Why You Should Consider a Smart Home Automation Installation for COVID-19 Safety

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Why You Should Consider a Smart Home Automation Installation for COVID-19 Safety

March 21, 2021

The world has changed in the last year, shifting to social distancing, e-meeting, and minimal contact. The manners, such as shaking hands, hugging, meeting in person, that used to be essential society norms then, are now considered risky and scary, owing to the fear of contracting COVID-19. The world has gone through unavoidable and unforeseen changes, and as a result, break-ins and crimes have grown in the areas where the daily wage workers have been hard-hit. Such changes in the lifestyles of people have made people more precautious and careful about everything around them to limit the pandemic’s spread.

Growing Benefits of Home Automation Installation and Smart Lighting Automation during these Challenging Times

Avoid Contracting a Virus with Smart Lighting Automation

It is a daily task to turn off lights, fans, etc., at home and at the workplace, but it is no longer safe to do so due to COVID. This has made automating such routine tasks more important and safer than ever. Smart lighting automation doesn’t just enable contactless living but also helps you save, significantly on electricity bills. With the smart lighting automation, you can automatically turn on certain lights a few minutes before sunset, turn on the garden sprinklers at a specific time, close the curtains during the night, and all a lot more seamlessly. This won’t just add a lot of convenience to your life, but also saves you from touching high contact surfaces that may have been touched by some infected individuals at work or at home.

Home Automation Installation Enabled Smart Door Locks

Amidst today’s risky world with everyone afraid of touching any surface, especially doors and gates, home automation installation is increasingly becoming a must-have. Leveraging smart technology, you can authorize visitors to enter or leave your place through smart door locks, ensuring social distancing for sure. You can even choose to keep the door shut and speak with a stranger visitor through the video door phone and ensure your safety. A video door phone allows you to solve such troubles instantly while keeping your safety in check by maintaining social distancing.

Contactless Controlling of Appliances

Don’t risk your health by touching a television remote or air conditioner remote that may have been used by others, a few minutes earlier. Multiple members of the home use a single TV remote, which makes it a point of contact for many. Most households have different remotes for different appliances, used by different people. With home automation installation you can use a single app that can also live on your personal smartphone to control multiple appliances at home and avoid touching a common remote when possible. Home automation installation and smart lighting automation are no longer just a matter of convenience but also safety. In today’s world in which the pandemic continues to badly impact the lives of the masses, you won’t like to miss any chance to ensure your safety and good health of your loved ones. There can’t be a better time for home automation installation than now. There are many companies offering smart lighting automation services, but it is a must that you make a smart choice, by selecting a company that doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket and provides a quality service. ETC is a great local West Palm Beach company, which won’t just guide you through the process, installing the right equipment at your home or workplace. But also ensure you don’t spend a single extra penny on anything wasteful or extra. What are you waiting for? Prioritize your health safety by going contactless by leveraging smart home automation technology now.

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