Pros and Cons of Smart Locks

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Pros and Cons of Smart Locks

February 6, 2023

Smart security technology is quickly becoming a preferred alternative for many. However, you should carefully balance the benefits and drawbacks of any smart technology before deciding to use it. The same is true when it comes to security measures like smart door locks. In Palm Beach Gardens, smart locks and how to install them are becoming popular.  

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Smart Locks  


Security Against Lock Picking  

Lock picking and lock bumping are techniques thieves can use to enter traditional locks without the original key. There is less chance of this kind of break-in because most smart locks are almost impossible to pick. Your average thief will most likely be unable to succeed.

You can effectively take on the role of your home's gatekeeper by installing smart locks. Installing this technology is a terrific method to feel secure and safe at all times of the day and have complete control over who enters your home.  

Lessens the Chance of Misplacing the Key  

The fact that smart door locks don't require keys is one of their main benefits. If you lose your key for a standard lock, your options for what you’ll do are limited. By connecting to an app on your smartphone, smart locks make it simple to lock and open your door.

With smart locks, misplacing a key is never an issue. Smart locks may be accessed remotely from smartphones or tablets, so you no longer have to worry about misplacing your key or keeping keys in your pocket.  

Peace of Mind  

Having codes also allows you to keep track of who comes and goes. For instance, it can let you know when your child has returned home. Additionally, with many smart locks, you can check the door's status from anywhere in the world by using your phone to see if it is locked or opened.  

Can Grant Various Permissions  

To grant access to family and guests, your smart lock can be programmed with a digital key, and it can also assign various rights for each smartphone used to enter the premises.  


You can enter unique codes with expiration times for every code if you're planning on having visitors or hiring a house sitter while you're away from home. Additionally, you may alter the code if you're concerned that someone with a key (for instance, a previous property owner) could try to enter your house, sparing you the trouble and expense of changing the lock.  

Simple Access  

When your home is empty, the smart lock can open automatically at certain times of the day or under specific conditions when someone you know needs to enter.  

Drawings of Palm Beach Gardens Smart Locks Install



Sometimes, you may need a professional to install the lock and connect it to your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With this, smart locks can cost substantially more than traditional lock-and-key systems. If smart locks break, fixing them can also be expensive.  However, the peace of mind and convenience you’ll experience is well worth the cost.

You’ll lose access if your smartphone's battery dies or is damaged

Your smartphone can lose power, break, or sustain other harm. Should this occur, you might need to contact a smart lock company to restart the smart lock code once you get a new phone.

Although the use of this technology is expanding, not everyone is a fan of smart locks. Whether or not smart locks are the best choice for you, it's crucial to understand that both their benefits and risks must be taken into account before choosing to install smart locks instead of regular ones.  

However, the good news is that you won’t be completely locked out as most systems will also come with an emergency key.

Possibility of hacking  

While some smart locks eliminate the risk of lock picking, hackers may try to override the entry code that unlocks the door. On the bright side, if an illegal user logs in, the system can alert you and the police.  

The reliance on networks and Wi-Fi is one of the biggest drawbacks of installing smart door locks. Even while the locks provide excellent physical security, there remains a potential that they could be compromised by a cyberattack.  

This is why having a safe and secure Wi-Fi connection at home is crucial, especially if you have various forms of smart devices. Cybersecurity is becoming just as crucial for homeowners in this digital age as physical security.  

If you use electronic keys or e-keys, someone else may discover the code and use it after you have left. It is important to recognize that this is a potentially dangerous circumstance. The good news is criminals with the skill level required for these hacks are less than your common thief who is able to pick a lock.

Becomes Outdated  

Smart locks, in contrast to conventional locks, can become obsolete. Apps may occasionally be updated in a way that excludes some lock models. This implies that even if your lock otherwise functions perfectly, you might need to update it.  

Installation Challenges  

Installing smart locks might be challenging. A smart lock may be more frustrating than anything else if you lack computer expertise or simply struggle to set up gadgets. Even "simple install" ones can be difficult to use. However, turning to an expert for installation is easy and stress free, so there’s no need to worry about doing it yourself.

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Learn More About Palm Beach Gardens Smart Locks and How to Install  

Smart locks take the place of conventional locks and keys. They enable residents, guests, and customers to open the doors using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology on smartphones instead of turning the key in the external deadbolt.  

Users can download an app to their smartphone to control them. Aside from residential, a smart lock is becoming more common in business buildings worldwide. Due to their ease and potential cost advantages, smart locks are also preferred by office tenants and renters of apartments over conventional locks and keys. Please contact us today for more information and our team will be happy to assist you.

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