Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Home Burglary-Proof

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Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Home Burglary-Proof

May 12, 2021

Having a place where you can feel safe and tension-free is a blessing. If you are a homeowner who wants to make your home burglary-proof, home technology installation is all you need. Even if you have a high level of security at your place, here are some smart tips to make your home safer no matter whether you are at home or not, with a home security installation.

Never Leave an Impression that You are Not at Home

An empty-looking home is more prone to burglary, and these challenging times of COVID have driven the number of home invasion cases up now, more than ever. Burglars never want to be caught red-handed, thus they target homes that are empty-looking. With a smart home technology installation, you can keep an eye on your home 24/7 and ensure your home is never out of sight, even when you are away. You can do even more, with automated lights, or motion sensor exterior lights to create a sense of someone being at home. If you live in an area where ice covers the driveways, every couple hours, you could hire a person to clear your driveaway daily while you are away to leave an impression that somebody is at home.  

Get Automated Lighting for a Safer House

A dark home is a sign that says- nobody is at home. But, keeping the home lights on 24/7 is also not a good idea either. Get automated lighting installed and set different turning on and turning off light times for each day to fool the potential burglars. A well-lit home exterior is a powerful way to shun potential burglars out of the fear of being highlighted or exposed. With smart home technology automation, you are good to go with full controls of your lights using your smartphone and automated lighting to ensure that your home gives an appearance of being home.  

Powerful Locking System is a Plus

Keeping windows or leaving doors open is one of the most common reasons responsible for home invasions. According to research, over 30% of burglars don’t break in and easily enter the home from an unlocked front door, whereas almost 20% of them enter through an unlocked window.A smart home technology installation powers you with a smart locking system that double-checks all your home entrances and exits whenever you want, from wherever you want. It also equips your doors and windows with sensors that notify you if any of them are left opened or left unlocked by any chance.   Home technology installation is a reliable way to keep your place and residents safe. Aren’t you feeling relieved already? There are many home technology installation companies out there but ETC is the best West Palm Beach Smart Home technology installation company. ETC has been powering homeowners in the region and area with different home automation solutions, devices, and everything that a home needs to become smart. Whether it is surveillance cameras and access controls, thermostats, smart theaters, or automated lighting; ETC should be your first main point of contact.

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